My Sailing Story - John Gill

June 30 2015

I have always been a keen dinghy racer and have enjoyed some success. But about four years ago my job changed and I was desk bound. The new job was okay but I wasn’t used to the lack of exercise, so over the next year my weight just crept up. I could still do the sailing and enjoy it, but found it hard work.

My usual lunchtime walk took me past Fitness First on the way to a well-known sandwich shop. It was just after Christmas and my weight had gone up to a point that I actually felt uncomfortable.

I had to do something, so instead of walking past Fitness First I went in and signed up

Three years on and what a difference! To start with I was on a mission, with gym sessions three or four times a week and a check on what I ate. After about six months I lost two stone and my fitness greatly improved.

I felt great and the best thing was my sailing. Just being that much fitter increases your stamina greatly, which not only allows you to keep going longer, but when you’re racing and you’re on top of it physically, your head is clearer to think about the sailing itself. Truly a win-win situation!

I am no longer on a mission, but have kept up the gym work. I also use a PT which I find a great help, they push you harder than you would yourself and they make sure you do the exercises properly.

Last year was our best year ever sailing, almost every event that we entered, we won. We are National and Inland champions in the ISO class, and winner of several other national open meetings. I have enjoyed my time at Fitness First, and have no plans to stop. It has a great atmosphere and great staff - thanks to all!


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