The 10 tracks that should be on your Christmas playlist

December 05 2014

Traditionally artists compete to gain the prestigious title of Christmas number one, which means the December charts are brimming with feel-good festive hits.

While this is great for getting into the Christmas spirit, many of these slow tempo tunes will drag you down if you try and incorporate them into your workout routine, especially if you need some musical motivation for a high intensity session.

Don’t become a Scrooge just yet, we have compiled some of the best upbeat tracks to inspire you in the gym this festive season. They’re not all bona fide Christmas hits, after all, how many people do you know who hit the treadmill with Cliff Richard blasting into their ears? This playlist mixes classic festive songs with some of our favourites from the year and should be enough to make you feel the burn while keeping your Christmas sparkle.

1. No Doubt - Oi to the world

There’s no doubt about it, Gwen Stefani knows how to get you moving! The band stamp their fast tempo punk stamp on to this version of a classic Christmas song, making it the perfect tune to blast out at the gym when you are feeling particularly festive.

2. Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you

It wouldn’t be a Christmas playlist without Mariah would it? This Christmas gem is surprisingly fast and the consistent beat makes it a great running track when you need to keep a steady pace.

3. Cash Cash - Take me Home FT Bebe Rexha

This playlist isn’t entirely geared towards feel-good pop hits. The sprightly crescendos of this EDM track will motivate you to get energised through your workout.

4. Tenwalls - Walking with elephants

Don’t be fooled by the name of this track. The rapid cymbal rushes make it the ideal accompaniment to a high-inclined walk on the treadmill or a steady session climbing the step mill machine.

5. Last Christmas - Cascada

While we have nothing against Wham’s classic Christmas hit, Cascada’s version is just a little more gym friendly. In fact Cascada have a whole album of their own remixed Christmas classics, adding a touch of festive magic to your time on the treadmill.

6. Higher Ground - TNGHT

Need motivation to get you through some heavy lifting or the challenging uphill stretch of your run? The dark melodies of this heavily-weighted track guarantee to get you working harder than before.

7. Sigma - Nobody to love

Sometimes you just need a furious track to push you through your regime. The intense tempo of Sigma’s drum and bass summer smash hit will drive you to get results.

8. Bob Sinclar - Back again

Bob Sinclar’s track is a great example of the power of the crescendo! It keeps you consistently inspired all the way though, forces you to work harder as the tempo increases and finally pushes you to your limit as the beat drops - making you work like crazy!

9. My head is a jungle - Wankelmut MK remix

As one of the biggest hits this summer, it is not surprising that this track is still appearing on the playlist of many fitness fanatics. With a captivating piano riff, steady beat and engaging lyrics to sing along to, you won’t be able to rest when this song comes on.

10. Outside - Calvin Harris

This newly-released track has only just made it into our playlist, but it’s so catchy we can’t stop playing it. A great track to blitz through your cardio due to its fast pace and energetic lyrics.

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