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December 21 2015

Fitness First’s Vanessa Gospel, 28, is a big fan of sneakers, smoothies and her hometown’s beautiful beaches. We spent the day with one of Sydney’s finest PTs.

Vanessa in a nutshell

I live…in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, Australia.

I’ve been with Fitness First…for five years.

If I wasn’t a Fitness First PT…I’d do something just as active. I love children, so maybe I’d be a gymnastics coach or a kindergarten teacher.

At school…I was really into rhythmic gymnastics and ballet, and won gold, silver and bronze medals.

My special area of expertise is…Pilates. I’ve studied it for several years – it’s great for the body structurally and it’s a killer workout. People are always surprised by the results they get with Pilates.

What I love about exercise is…how it makes you happy and helps every aspect of your life, not just your physical health.

My favourite fast meal is…beef or chicken mince stir-fried with fresh coriander, chilli and steamed veg. Eat it cold, wrapped in a big lettuce leaf. It’s really fast to make, keeps well in a Tupperware, and it’s so good.

Follow me at…Sculpt Sisters on Facebook. I post lots of tasty recipe ideas and workouts there with my friend Yvette.


Workdays I’m up at 5am and start with a yummy smoothie, usually with chocolate protein powder, banana and a good, heaped tablespoon of peanut butter. I eat more calories than most people but I’m always on the move so I burn it off. To keep my energy levels high, I like a healthy mix of protein, fruit and veg with good carbs and good fats – pretty much in that order!


Picking out which pair to wear is the most stressful part of my day! Yes, there are quite a few options – love my sneakers.


Not sure if it’s the coffee or the company I like best, but I always have a laugh with the boys at Lime Espresso Café – and it’s the best coffee around. I stick to one cup a day though, the rest of the time it’s protein shakes and lots of water. If I’m out for dinner I’ll treat myself to a splash of red wine too.


This is one of my clients, Katherine, training hard. I’m so proud of her; she’s just placed fifth in a regional bikini fitness competition. As a PT, it’s inspiring to see clients transform their lives – especially those who had never exercised before – becoming happier, more energetic and just getting more out of life. It’s exciting to watch. I love it. 


I teach one group exercise class – Pilates, Body Pump or Body Attack – and have between five and eight Personal Training sessions every day so I’m always compiling playlists and learning new choreography to keep the sessions fun. Being organised is the key to being a great Personal Trainer and I really enjoy this creative side of the job.


When I first started as a PT, I squeezed my own exercise around everything else. Now, I have a set training time every day and I never book over it. My schedule is too busy for me not to be healthy and full of energy. I mix up my training from boxing to Pilates so I’m never bored. The variety keeps my body strong and injury free.


This is my fiancé, David. We met at work four years ago – he’s a Fitness First PT, too. We’re both busy, so it’s precious when we get to see each other for a quick kiss and chat during the day. But we love being active. I never wanted a desk job; I’m too fidgety and want to be on the go all the time.


I’m lucky enough to live near the beach in Sydney. I try to get down there for some sunshine and fresh air as much as I can. This is my good friend Yvette – we meet up daily to train and film workout videos for our Facebook page, Sculpt Sisters.

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