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November 23 2015

How do Fitness First PTs organise their day? What training do they plan for themselves to maintain peak condition and what are their secret guilty pleasures? We spend the day with south London’s Rishe Sundaram.

Rishe in a nutshell

  • I’m 32 but feel 25!
  • I’ve been with Fitness First for eight years, in various roles and locations. I’m presently based out of the Baker Street gym in London – a location made famous by the Sherlock Holmes books.
  • Something I’ve always loved about my work is that you get to meet people from all walks of life. It’s the one job where you can’t predict how your day will pan out. All I know is that I’ll be busy – which I love.
  • My personal motto is a simple one – you only live once. It’s what motivates me to really push myself and make the most of my time.
  • Currently I’m developing my private coaching brand TICEit, which stands for ‘Train2Inspire Coach2Excel’. I really believe we all have the potential and power to become anything we want.
  • At school I was always described as a cheeky lad who could achieve more if I just focused. I used to regret that, but I’m making up for it now.
  • My guilty pleasure is a large Dominos stuffed-crust pizza with all meats. I probably love it a bit too much!
  • What I love about exercise is the sense of achievement you feel when you progress towards your goals.
  • Follow me at… Twitter @ticeit4u and Instagram @ticeit

I live in Crystal Palace, south London. I've always been a south Londoner, but what I really like about where I live is the big park to train in at the bottom of my road. The area also has a lot of hills for the dreaded (but very effective) hill sprints. 


I start the day by bulletproofing myself with a teaspoon of coconut oil stirred into a black coffee. It gives me that kick I need when I wake up at silly o'clock – which is usually around 4am.


As a PT I have between 30 and 40 client sessions a week. It usually works out as 10 sessions on one day and then 20 to 30 sessions more evenly balanced over the next five days. It means one very busy day but it also allows me time do the other things I enjoy. I also like to assist with the Freestyle classes whenever I can – helping with technique and keeping motivation high.


I’m usually finished for the day by 2pm-3pm, which sounds early but it’s still a 9-hour day. The first thing I do is treat myself to a big meal. Because I have such an active day, I aim for a daily intake of 3,000 calories. I eat healthily generally, but tend to listen to my body and not stress too much about my diet.


I have a lovely girlfriend, Julia, who is also very into her fitness and a Fitness First member! We spend our evenings doing little things we enjoy such as going to the theatre, training in the park or playing coin hockey!


This is my sister, Synthuja. As we all know, life passes by at an extreme rate so we need to make the most of every second we have. Family and loved ones are the most important things to me. I make a conscious effort to spend time with them, and we’re very close.

I generally train twice a day – sometimes even three times, four hours apart – but if I’m feeling tired (rather than lazy!) then I may just take a day off. I alternate weights and cardio days. My weight days aim to hit every muscle group for about 6-10 sets depending on the size of the muscle. Cardio days feature lots of football-specific exercises, with sprints, power drills and some long steady state such as running and swimming.

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