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May 03 2016

Ahead of this summer's Olympic Games in Rio, Team GB's athletes are in full preparation mode. In order to compete amongst the world's best in Brazil this August hours and hours of drills, reps and technique perfecting are currently taking place.

Intrigued to know exactly what it takes to be an Olympian, however? Well, proving the dizzying levels of skill and determination imperative to being one of the world's best athletes, seven members of Team GB have shared with us their training plans. Sure, a few minor details of their daily routines have been left out (they don't want competitors stealing all of their secrets) but the main exercises and quantity of reps each athlete does will give you an idea of just how talented members of Team GB are.

You can check out the training plans of gymnast Max Whitlock, swimmer Jazz Carlin, triathlete Vicky Holland, cyclist Philip Hindes, diver Tonia Couch, runner Hannah England and taekwondo competitor Bianca Walkden, and see how your weekly fitness routine compares. We're betting yours might be a little less intense, somehow...

And it's not just their training plans that athletes have been sharing with us – keep your eyes peeled on Twitter for some special Team GB challenges in the run-up to the Games... (Hint: head to Max Whitlock's Twitter page (@maxwhitlock1) for more details.) We'll be posting regular updates on our twitter page @FitnessFirstUK too.

In the meantime, if you want to push yourself to Olympian levels, give one of our Team GB Pro Athlete fitness challenges a go or build yourself up first by completing a Team GB Pro Athlete workout session. Come on, you can do it!

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