7 types of personal trainers you’ll meet in the gym

April 29 2015

Personal trainers can improve your performance in the gym, perfect your form and help to you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Sometimes you need some extra motivation, or a little more guidance, if you aren’t seeing the results that you’d have hoped for. Whether you want to change your shape, get fit for a special occasion or reinvigorate your lifestyle, a personal trainer will steer you on to the road to success.

The personal trainers at Fitness First Clubs are all qualified level 3 fitness professionals, with a shared passion for health and fitness. Not only do they achieve exceptional results, but they also make working out fun and enjoyable! Sign up for a free consultation with a personal trainer and get started on your fitness journey today.

As we mentioned before, every personal trainer at Fitness First Clubs is unique and specialises in different areas. Here are the 7 types of personal trainer that you are likely to find in the gym.

Miss Metrics

Personal trainers aren’t just about exercise, they take a holistic approach and consider everything that could affect your body.

Miss Metrics knows more about your body than you do. Every variable is considered to ensure that your body is running like a well-oiled machine. Weight, height, fat percentage, calories consumed and burned - even your sleep pattern is considered to get great results!

Stick with this trainer if you enjoy the scientific side of fitness and want measurable results.

The Drill Sergeant

We’ve all heard of the expression “no pain, no gain!” but this trainer believes it so religiously that they even have it tattooed on their left bicep!

Their training style is old school, favouring press ups, squats and steady cardio to build a strong and healthy physique. Their attitude is tough, but they certainly get the job done. After a session with The Drill Sergeant you may feel exhausted, but you definitely won’t be regretting the workout once you see your gains.

Go for this trainer if you want a no-excuses motivational approach to getting fit.

The Cheerleader

If you have had a rough day at work, or are feeling down, then this type of personal trainer will certainly pick you up. For one hour, The Cheerleader will be your number one fan, encouraging you to work hard and smash your fitness goals!

They always have a smile on their face and are constantly dishing out words of encouragement. Think you couldn’t do more than 3 reps? With the Cheerleader’s motivational speech, you’ve just done 5! This type of personal trainer is ideal for someone looking for an energetic, mood-boosting workout!

Mr Muscle

Every gym will have their own version of Mr Muscle, but unlike his kitchen cleaner equivalent, this personal trainer will help you to achieve that strong bodybuilding physique. Even if that isn’t your goal, Mr Muscle will utilise his knowledge of weights and muscle to help you to develop lean muscle that will tone you up and burn fat.

Opt for this type of personal trainer if you are looking to sculpt a toned and defined physique and aren’t afraid of getting stuck in and lifting heavy weights.

The Best Buddy

Did you just want a personal trainer, because it looks like you’ve signed up for a best buddy too?! This trainer will make sure you achieve your fitness goals by being super supportive and friendly. Text them day or night, they are always there to meet your fitness needs!

This type of personal trainer doesn’t just get involved mentally, they trial all of the exercise with you to ensure that your form is on point. You may groan at the sound of incline hill sprints, but your buddy is along for the ride too, creating the best workout they possibly can for you.

Choose this type of trainer if you feel like you need some extra support.

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Aunty Plateau

This breed of personal trainer dedicates their workouts to making sure that your body doesn’t plateau, by creating the most varied exercise sessions that they can.

With a plethora of fitness areas under their belt, they have a vast array of exercises; one session you could be doing circuits, then the next you could be flamingo dancing. Whatever the session you are guaranteed not to get bored during one of Aunty Plateau’s workouts.

If you are prone to getting bored with usual gym routines, stick with this trainer’s innovative style.

Cardio Queen

Cardio is essential for a healthy heart and lungs, and it also boosts calorie burn and fat reduction. Nobody knows this better than the Cardio Queen. She will have you out for an early morning 5k run before you’ve even had time to think of an excuse not to.

Stick with this type of trainer if you love getting your heart pumping and the endorphins rushing!

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