Are you wearing the right footwear for your training?

April 16 2018

As all good athletes know, your sports shoes are one of the most important pieces of your kit. It’s absolutely vital that you pick the right pair, as proper form-fitting sports shoes can enhance performance and help you feel comfortable and capable throughout your workout.  

There are substantial differences in the way various trainers support your feet and ankles, so you can’t wear the same pair of trainers for everything.

As you’ll be faced with different demands on your body, we’ve looked at the types of footwear you should be wearing for different sports and exercise.



The best running shoes are designed to meet the individual runner’s needs. Each runner is unique in their style, speed and gait and this needs to be reflected in their shoes.

Your shoes should be designed to absorb the impact of your foot striking the ground repeatedly. They should protect your feet from the road and be able to provide traction on different surfaces. Each running shoe should have excellent cushioning in both the heel and the forefoot to help prevent injury.

For the best fit and a comfortable running experience, you should have your gait analysed by an expert, who can then advise you on the best type of running shoe for you. If you’re going to be running three times a week or more, gait analysis is vital. This service is available free in every DW Sports store.

Some of the best all rounder running shoes include...



Asics GT1000


Nike Pegasus


Asics GT1000

Nike Swift 





Your gym routine may change week to week, but your training shoes should support you through every session. Whether you’re powering through a circuit, climbing the final hill in spin class or sprinting all out on the treadmill, training shoes provide the flexibility and cushioning you need to perform your best.


Under Armour Ultimate Speed






Slip on a pair of HIIT shoes and head to your next boxing, strength training or bootcamp class. All trainers feature the latest technology to give you the lightweight stability and durable traction you need to power through your most intense sessions. Find the proper training shoe for your workout regime to help you perform your best and achieve your fitness goals.


Nike Zoom Train Command


Nike In-Season TR


 A cross training or weightlifting shoe should provide a strong, stable base, flexible support and extreme durability for a wide range of training activities, from sprints and sled pushes to lifting and rope climbing.


Nike Metcon


Reebok Nano

For more information of the gym kit you should be wearing, take a look at the kit pieces our experts swear by, or find out if you’re wearing the right kind of workout clothes.

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