Are You Wearing the Right Kind of Workout Clothes?

January 02 2018

Ask any personal trainer or professional athlete and they’ll tell you - the right type of workout clothes make all of the difference. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a world champion, it’s important to invest in the right kind of exercise attire.

We’ve teamed up with Nike to take a look at one of the most important pieces of training clothing - your pants. Wearing the right type of pants can make all the difference to your workout, ensuring you feel comfortable and capable, however you choose to move.

Here are some examples of the different pants you should be wearing for a variety of different sports:

Staying Strong

When taking part in high-energy, intense workouts, you need to ensure that you’re wearing lightweight, comfortable and cooling fabrics.

If you’re lifting heavy weights, doing a BoxFit class, or a HIIT session, there’s nothing better than the Nike Pro Tight pant. Featuring targeted ventilation, these pants help you to complete intense workouts with no distractions or discomfort.


Gearing Up for Change

For all the cardio lovers out there, the Nike Fly Victory Crop is the perfect choice. Designed for those doing treadmill endurance training, light weight-training or spin classes, they offer flexibility and support in equal measures.

The waistband is specially constructed to be lower on the front to prevent the dreaded bunch and rises higher in the back to ensure you’re fully covered. There’s also a back pocket that you can slip your keys and card into if you’re training outdoors.

Clotilde Chaument, a Parisian indoor cycling instructor, said:

“It gets so hot in spin class, and these tights are so light and breathable that it almost feels like I’m not sweating at all!”


Moving Like a Champ

The movers and shakers in the gym, the ones who depend on fast and fluid movements, may need a different type of kit. For those taking part in dance classes, boxing or martial arts, we suggest the Nike Bliss Victory pant.

These are a looser garment that offer a relaxed fit, lightweight coverage and allow smoother transitions from one shape to another.  

Contemporary dancer, Alejandra Smits, said:

“When I wear a looser pant, I don’t sweat as much and I feel more comfortable than when I’m in something tighter.”

Made to Perform

For those who need to focus on posture, the Nike Sculpt Victory Tight is the way to go. The high-rise waistband holds your core, offering you length through your spine and encouraging you to feel steady on your feet.

Perfect for those doing yoga, pilates or ballet, the compression design of these pants provides lower body sculpting and there’s even a small pocket on the back to hold your essentials.


Pose Greater

If you’re aiming for a less intense gym session but still want a good workout, we recommend the Nike Flow Victory Pant. Comprising of jersey knit, it’s soft, comfortable and a loose fit. This makes it perfect for those taking part in yoga, pilates or dance classes.

There really is a different type of workout pant available for each type of exercise. From high-intensity agility drills to a relaxed yoga class, the right clothing can make the world of difference to your session.

Take a look at our wide range of exercise gear and move greater in the perfect workout outfit. If you're looking for a new challenge this year check out our series of training plans and find something to suit you

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