Back Burner Workout

February 22 2017

Take on this workout to push you back muscles and sculpt your upper body! Just make sure you are getting enough variety in the direction that you pull in for your back day. This will give you the most potential progression for performance, allowing you to progress from the easy options to the harder ones much quicker.

1.) Isometric Pull Up

Equipment Needed: Pull Up Bar

How to complete: With hands in a wide position and wrist facing away from you, jump up to the top of the pull up and try to hold yourself there for the allotted time. You may find yourself slowly lowering as your energy runs out. This is ok as long as you are doing your best to hold it!


2.) TRX Row

Equipment Needed: TRX

How to complete: Set the TRX strap heights to thigh length, holding the handles walk backwards until your arms are straight. With both feet on the floor underneath your hands pull yourself towards the TRX. You can modify your hand position to change the exercise, wrists down and high elbows will target your back the most. To make this harder, walk your feet closer to the anchor point so you are more horizontal with your body - you could even try using just one hand!


3.) Low to high cable face pull

Equipment Needed: Cable Machine

How to complete: Set the cable anchor to its lowest position with the rope attachment. Start by facing towards the anchor point, holding onto the rope with two hands and straight arms. Pull towards your chin finishing with high elbows. Return under control to the start position.


4.) Dumbbell Upright Row

Equipment Needed: Two Dumbbells

How to complete: This exercise has been deliberately set to use dumbbells for the upright row so each side works equally hard. Start by standing upright with a dumbbell in each hand and maintaining good posture lift both dumbbells up to chest height then return to start position slowly.


Keep pushing through this workout to work towards a toned and sculpted back - if it feels too easy, add extra weight, or up your reps to the next level. If you're feeling any sort of pain, stop and rest before continuing, as you don't want to pursue an injury!

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