Bradley Simmonds' motivational tips

January 16 2017

Bradley Simmonds is a professional footballer-turned personal trainer, who blogs about fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. Bradley trains some of the world’s top sportsmen and celebrities. Bradley regularly trains at Fitness First gyms and has partnered with us to promote fitness and nutrition as a combination for improving overall wellbeing.

If you’re finding it hard to feel motivated, or a looking for a little inspiration to keep you on track with your fitness target, discover exactly what drives Bradley to achieve his own goals.

What first inspired you to get into fitness?

I was previously a professional footballer (Bradley was signed to Queen's Park rangers at the age of 20) but I kept getting bad injuries. When I found out that with my injuries I wouldn’t be able to play at high level anymore, the last thing I wanted to do was get a job and sit at a desk 9 to 5. I decided to use my knowledge and abilities, and go into the fitness world instead. I love fitness, especially having played football from a young age, so I decided to become a personal trainer and help get other people fit.

What keeps you inspired to train?

I guess it's my job, my lifestyle, really. If I keep myself in shape and keep myself fit then it will hopefully inspire other people to do the same. I have a lot of people following me on my Instagram, so if I showcase myself keeping fit and healthy then it might motivate other people.

What are your tips for sticking to training plans – it's so easy to slip sometimes...

Firstly, keep your training plan realistic. Know your own body and know your limits – if you push yourself too hard then you'll fail and possibly injure yourself, which will get you nowhere. Push yourself slowly.

I set myself a new goal every month. Smash one goal and then move on to the next, and that way you'll find yourself getting stronger and better. If you give yourself a massive goal to start off with it'll be harder to succeed.

The key is to also find something which you enjoy doing. Find a class, sport or exercise that you have fun doing.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to anyone starting to train or beginning a fitness journey?

I'd recommend getting a personal trainer. They will be able to show you around a gym, show you the correct exercises you should be doing and get you comfortable within a gym environment. Once you're comfortable and have got confidence in the gym, move on to some classes.

One other tip from me: Instead of going to clothes shops and buying jeans, say, go to a sports shop and buy new fitness gear instead. Buying new gym kit will make you want to wear and then go to the gym.

Finally, who inspires you?

Being a footballer, the likes of John Terry have inspired me, him especially because of his mentality.

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 You can read more from Bradley on his blog, and you can follow him at @bradleysimmonds on Instagram.

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