Easy 10-minute workouts

May 04 2017

If you're short on time and are looking for a quick way to exercise, discover the Fitness First ten-minute workouts. Simple and requiring very little equipment, we've devised six exercise routines that take only ten minutes to complete. Each workout targets different muscle groups, from just the glutes to the whole body, so whichever area you're hoping tone and condition, we've got a routine for you.

Get Your Pump On – Resistance band 21s

Equipment needed: Resistant band

This resistance band workout utilises the '21’s' methodology, which is seven bottom half reps followed by seven top half reps followed by seven full range reps. This promotes hypertrophy, the increase in muscle tissue, in the key areas of the upper body including biceps, triceps and shoulders.

Complete each exercise back to back in a circuit with no rest. Complete three sets of each circuit with a one-minute rest between circuits.

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Booty Band – Resistance band workout

Equipment needed: Resistant band

A lower body resistance band workout, this routine allows you to work on one of your greatest assets – the glutes. This is a HIIT workout.

Complete 30 seconds on each exercise with 30 seconds rest in between. Complete two sets in total.

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Grip It – Kettlebell grip work & squats

Equipment needed: Two heavy kettlebells

This is a full body strength kettlebell workout that tests your grip to the limit. This is a continuous set with no rest.

Perform eight double kettlebell front squats followed by farmers walk for 20 steps. Repeat this eight times in total.

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Total Body – Kettlbell & push-ups

Equipment needed: A heavy kettlebell

This is a kettlebell ladder workout that ensures you work to your maximum capacity with little rest.

Start a one-minute countdown and complete 20 kettlebell swings followed by ten push-ups. Then rest for the remainder of the minute. At the beginning of the next minute complete 20 kettlebell swings and nine push-ups. Rest for the remainder of the minute. Continue to decrease the push-ups by one for each minute, ending at 10 minutes with just one push-up.

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ViPR Ladder

Equipment needed: One ViPR

This is a ViPR HIIT workout that will test you a little bit more with every round.

Complete the 4 exercises, increasing each exercise by one rep per set each time. Take a 45-second rest between each set. Be sure to do all five sets.

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Piping Hot – ViPR

Equipment needed: One ViPR

A ViPR core and lower body workout, this will help you achieve a leaner physique.
Complete ten reps of the first exercise and then do the second exercise for the remainder of the minute. Change to the next set and repeat the format. Repeat both sets five times.

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