Fit Brit 2018 Final Results

December 10 2018

The Fit Brit 2018 final is complete and the results are in!

A big congratulations and thank you to all the finalists who competed at Fitness First Swindon on Saturday 24th November, and to everyone who entered and took part in the challenge across the DW gyms. We received a record-breaking number of entries this year for our 10th anniversary of the FitBrit challenge, with over 6,500 submissions across the 5 categories.

If you’re unaware of what Fit Brit is, it’s a nationwide competition challenging the public to take on the ultimate test of speed, strength and stamina. A DW team member is on hand to guide each contestant through a number of high-intensity exercises, who’ll then record their time. The quickest times will then be added to the leaderboards for each category, with the fastest being crowned the Fit Brit Champion!

The groups are split into 5 categories, each of which has its own leaderboard. The male open and female open are for competitors under the age of 40, whereas the male masters and female masters are open to competitors over the age of 40. There’s also a team category, which involves partners take it in turns to alternate between exercises.

Take a look below to see the 2018 winners and their top times for each category, as well as a video of the live final from Fitness First Swindon.

Team category

1st. Glenn Write and Josh James - St Albans - 7.35

2nd. Steve Reid and Cormac Lisle-Fenwick - Basingstoke - 7.53

3rd. Lee Gaskin and Sam Smith - Nottingham - 8.50

Female open category

1st. Ellie Geldard - Cottons - 13:46

2nd. Kerry Peters - Solihull - 13:48

3rd. Karmen Ledgister - Gracechurch Street - 14:10

Male open category

1st. Cormac Lisle-Fenwick - Basingstoke - 10:44

2nd. James Miller - Cardiff - 10:56

3rd. Jamie Chadwick - Wigan - 11:00

Female masters category

1st. Shazza Raynes - Widnes - 14:07

2nd. Lindsay Ogles - Poole Branksome - 15:51

3rd. Paula Buckmaster - Poole Fleetsbridge - 16:16

Male masters category

1st. Patrick Brown - Bath - 10:36

2nd. Ricardas Mangela - Poole Branksome - 11:51

3rd. Michael Usher - Bath - 12:42

If you feel like taking on the Fit Brit challenge next year, it’s never too early to start your training programme. Take a look at our top tips on how to get your name on the 2019 leaderboard.

Good luck and we’ll see you next year!

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