Get your sweat on at SHRED

August 16 2017

If you haven't heard already, earlier this year we launched our latest group exercise class, SHRED. Over the course of 40 minutes, a Fitness First SHRED session will have participants working on their strength, improving their conditioning and burning up calories through a combination of cardio and compound weight lifting HIIT routines.

Our SHRED classes are based around five distinct disciplines of athletic performance, which together ensure that endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, metabolic increase and fat burn are all a result of every class. The five disciplines include speed, high intensity, resistance, endurance and dynamic.

After a few SHRED sessions you'll notice that your performance level has improved, along with your coordination and overall mobility.

If it’s fat you're looking to lose and not muscle, our SHRED classes are ideal. Consisting of multiple different HIIT routines, which use a range of different muscle groups, this class will help you burn fat whilst maintaining and building muscle mass.

The class involves alternating between resistance training and HIIT so you’ll move from lifting weights onto a high intensity bodyweight set to get the maximum metabolic effects.

Ideal for those that want to get lean and work on their muscle, but who don't want to (or even feel a little intimidated to) spend all their time in the weights area, SHRED is a simple and safe way to introduce weight lifting and combine it with a cardio workout.

Upbeat, fast-paced and taught in a really fun atmosphere, SHRED is a great way to push yourself, but also enjoy yourself at the same time. Though the class is mainly an individual session, all SHRED classes finish with a superset that is designed to introduce the idea of working with a partner and pushing yourself (and your partner) further than you’d normally go. Finishers are a great way to ensure you’ve pushed yourself and gotten the most out of the class.

If you'd like to give one of our brilliant new SHRED classes a go, members can book into a session at their regular Fitness First.

If you’d like to discover more group exercise classes at Fitness First, find the ideal class for you here.

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