How To Prepare For Any Sporting Event - Our Tips!

November 13 2017

Training for any sporting event, whether it's a marathon, 5K race, or the FitBrit challenge, is gruelling, fun and ultimately fulfilling.

No matter what challenge you're undertaking, we have some universal tips worth following if you want to succeed:

Make sure you warm up

Warming up is something that some people love, and others hate, but it's necessary for any physical or sporting activity. Making sure your body is ready to work to its full capacity is a must when preparing for any sporting challenge.

Warm up every inch of your body with short exercises and stretches. Skipping a warm-up to save a little more energy for your event is never a wise choice.

Tailor your workout

Whether you regularly train at the gym or you're undertaking your first big event, it's essential that you tailor your routine to match the requirements of the challenge.

Enter the gym and tell yourself you'll give it 100% effort to achieve your goal. Anything less and you won’t get the best result. Choose a day to include a workout to mirror your event. If you're training for a marathon, include one day a week where you run the distance (or as close to it as possible) to ensure your body can handle it.

For anyone taking part in the FitBrit challenge, make sure you practice the workout once a week. Set yourself a target time and focus on improving on it with every session.

Fuel your body

Without proper nutrition, you won't be able to achieve maximum results. Eat before you train for a boost of energy that will help you complete your workout.

Don't eat anything too heavy, though. Heavy food takes longer to digest and could leave you feeling sick mid-exercise. Eating something small like a banana (full of good carbohydrates and protein) half an hour before your workout will keep your body fuelled and ready to go.

When you finish your workout, consider treating yourself to a post-workout smoothie with protein and carbohydrates. It will continue to fuel your body and help in your recovery, allowing you to come back stronger and faster the next time you train.

Team up to support your strengths

One of the best-proven ways of ensuring you maintain motivation and continue to train is social support. Take a friend to the gym with you and get them involved in training for your challenge. Fitness doesn't have to be a solitary activity, and by bringing a friend, you can motivate each other.

You can compete against each other to see who can achieve the best result and continue to train with the aim of beating them next week. Keep this up all the way to the event, and you 'll achieve a greater result than you would have done if you trained alone.

If you want to make sure you work your hardest, bring someone you want to impress along. Maybe they're a mentor or someone you look up to (or even a crush). Whoever they are, just having them around will make you work ten times harder.

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