New year, new you - fitness classes you should try in 2019

January 04 2019

It’s that time of year again, when the festivities are over and we have to face reality. Most of us indulge a little over Christmas, so it’s no surprise that many people choose to exercise more as part of their new year’s resolution. New year, new you, right?

You probably know that New Year’s resolutions, when not planned correctly, are hard to stick to and many people simply give up in the middle of January. So, how can you find a way to motivate yourself and stick to your 2019 pledge?

Well, our fitness classes could be just what you need to start, and stick with, your fitness resolution.

Anyone who participates in a fitness class will tell you the same thing — they’re great for keeping you pumped up. Whether it’s the beat of the music, the group atmosphere or the support of your instructor, you’ll notice you push yourself further and harder in every session.

Whether you’re new to group classes or you’re looking for a great way to start your healthy lifestyle in 2019, we’ve put together a list of fantastic classes at Fitness First gyms for you to try this year.


FGT HIIT is part of our signature Freestyle Group Training classes, which involve working with a range of Freestyle™ equipment for a full body workout in a group environment.

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, does exactly what it says on the tin - high-intensity training exercises combined with short rest periods. This is a fantastic workout if you’re short on time, as it pushes you to the limit over a few minutes at a time.

Make no mistake, this is a physically demanding workout, yet the results are worth the effort. By taking part in a HIIT class, you’ll improve your cardiovascular performance and overall fitness, not to mention it’s an excellent fat burner. However, beginners shouldn’t be afraid to join in, as this class encourages people of all fitness levels to take part.

FGT Bootcamp

Another member of the Freestyle Group Training family, our FGT Bootcamp class is the perfect all-rounder. By working with a range of equipment as part of a circuit, you’ll train and improve your agility, endurance and strength in a fun and motivating group environment. This workout will keep you on your toes, while you burn calories in a mix of aerobic and strength exercises.

One of our professional instructors will take you through each station, varying from individual exercises and working in groups. Your whole body will feel the benefit of Bootcamp, as the high-energy exercises work a range of muscle groups for a complete workout. Be prepared to use equipment such as ViPRs, medicine balls, kettlebells, Sparc, SkiErg, and assault bikes.

No two classes will ever be the same, as your instructor will mix up your routine each session. This means you’ll always have new targets and goals to hit, so you’ll always have something fresh and exciting to accomplish.

If you’re interested in taking part in Freestyle Group Training, we also have classes for FGT Explore, FGT Core, and FGT Glute Gains. Check your local Fitness First gym to see which classes are available to you.


Unleash your inner warrior with a BODYCOMBAT class. Created in partnership with four-time Olympian Les Mills, BODYCOMBAT combines martial arts techniques with a fast-paced cardio workout to help you build your strength and endurance.  

You’ll be working hard alongside upbeat music, where our expert fitness instructors will push you harder to help you burn away calories and tone your whole body. In fact, during a BODYCOMBAT class, you can burn up to 740 calories.

This is an ever-evolving class, as routines are switched every three months, so you’ll always have something new and energising to work with - perfect for staying motivated throughout the year!


If your goal is lean muscles, then BODYPUMP is the perfect class for you. Again, designed in partnership with fitness guru Les Mills, BODYPUMP combines weight training and aerobics for the ultimate full-body workout.

Using a barbell, you’ll focus on low-weight, high-rep exercises to help you burn fat, build your strength and improve muscle conditioning. As you’ll be using light loads, this class is suitable for all fitness levels. This makes it a great workout for beginners getting into fitness for the first time, or experienced members looking for even better results.

Plus, BODYPUMP classes are only 30 minutes long, so they’re ideal if you’re short on time or even as a warm up to a big gym session.


One of the most popular classes we have at Fitness First is our spin class — and for good reason. Cycling is an amazing way to shed unwanted pounds, and our classes are designed to push you as hard as you can go.

Yes, it’s tough, but the benefits are worth the effort. As well as burning calories, this class is also great for increasing your cardio fitness, maximising your stamina and tightening your core muscles. It also creates a much lower impact on your knees and ankles compared with other cardio workouts, which helps you train harder without risking injury.

Plus, the group environment of a spin class is a fantastic motivation booster, so you’ll find yourself getting swept up in the team spirit in no time.


Try mixing up your workout this year and take your training from the gym floor to the pool with our H2O HIIT class. Like a traditional HIIT class, you’ll perform a number of high-intensity exercises designed to burn calories and strengthen your muscles - but you’ll do it all in the pool!

The advantage of an aquatic HIIT class is that the resistance of the water adds another element to push you further, while also being easier on your joints.

This timed circuit training features five stations for you to work with, each focusing on a specific goal. These include resistance, cardio, fight, core and AMLAP (as many lengths as possible). This allows you to train your entire body in this intense, yet fun, workout.


With a combination of boxing disciplines and high-intensity techniques, take part in SPARR to build your muscular strength and burn away calories.

Our experienced instructors will take you through each exercise in the warm-up stage, where you’ll then partner up to put your cardiovascular fitness and hand-eye coordination to the test. The main workout features the traditional jabs and punches of boxing and high-energy cardio training, which not only works your whole body but is also a brilliant way to relieve stress.

This class is open to everyone, which means you don’t need any previous boxing experience to take part in SPARR - just bring your killer instinct!  

Take a look at our fitness classes page to view our full range of classes available and to check what is available at your local Fitness First gym.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect fitness class for you, check out our timetable to book a class at your local gym. You can even sign up for a three-day guest pass to help get you started.

While you’re looking for a new fitness class to take part in, why not take this opportunity to upgrade your workout gear too?

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