#OWNIT Shannon Courtenay

July 08 2019

Shining a light on female athletes, the #OWNIT campaign is making 2019 the summer of women’s sport to help inspire every woman to follow their fitness dreams. Fitness First is continuing to speak with athletes at the top of their game, and for a motivational story, there are few people more inspiring than Reebok ambassador, Shannon Courtenay. 

From working in a pub to dominating the professional boxing ring, Courtenay has truly turned her life around. In her own words, she was unhappy, overweight, drinking alcohol every night and smoking 40 cigarettes a day. After an emergency trip to the hospital, enough was enough for Courtenay. She said goodbye to the booze and cigarettes and made boxing her new outlet.

After starting off with some Boxercise lessons, Courtenay was told she has a talent and should head down to Finchley to train. In a peculiar twist of fate, she then began working with trainer Sean Murphy who trained her childhood friend, world heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

Now known as ‘The Baby Face Assassin’, Courtenay has transitioned to professional boxing and has continued her undefeated streak. Boxing has changed her life in more ways than her career, as now she feels that she is not only healthier but also happier and a better person. 

Courtenay agrees that there’s never been a more exciting time for women in sport, and hopes that she will act as an inspiration for more women to get involved and show the world that they can change their life, too.


Whatever your sport is and no matter what level you’re at, this campaign will help you own it. Click here for more information on #OWNIT and to shop the new summer collection.

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