Personal trainer vs. Wearable tech - Where is the smart money going?

November 12 2014

There’s no doubt about it, technology has completely transformed our lives. While we have grown accustomed to blaming technology for making us lazier, we have recently seen a new wave of gadgets being launched that are specifically designed to encourage us to be more active.

Pedometers, Smart GPS watches and wristbands have taken the fitness world by storm, providing users with the option to monitor every step of their fitness journey. Yet, with items starting at around £100, they don’t come cheap and many people feel their money could be better spent elsewhere - on a personal trainer, for instance.

So, are these modern gadgets any match for a professional qualified personal trainer?

Wearable tech monitors, but it cannot motivate

Wearable tech items have been known to track all variants of your personal progress, from steps travelled, to heart rate and blood pressure. They have the capacity to track your weight loss, calories consumed and even your sleep pattern.

However, all this information is practically rendered useless if you aren’t being motivated to work out in the first place. The logic behind wearable sports tech is that the user is already motivated enough to be active and use the technology to track their progress, but some users may lose motivation and steer off course.

Like the wearable tech, a personal trainer has the ability to track all of your progress and statistics. Crucially, they also have the power to motivate you when you are feeling uninspired.

We all need a little help sometimes, a watch cannot hold you accountable for missing a session or giving up halfway through, but a personal trainer can and this will help you in the long run.

Personalised routine

Sure, it’s easy to develop a routine on an app that will burn fat fast. But has it been specifically designed with you in mind?

Many of the wearable tech items that are on the market are linked to your smartphone and inform you when you have completed the optimum time at the gym or when you’re eating the right amount of calories. While these are all useful facts to know, you must remember that the technology has been designed to accommodate millions of users and therefore the advice will be highly generalised.

A personal trainer has the expertise to create an exercise routine that targets key areas you want to work on. Not only will they listen to your needs, but they will impart their own knowledge and endeavour to create a bespoke fitness plan that will get you results. This also gives you the added security that if it isn’t working, they can make changes until you see progress, rather than paying for a pricey tech upgrade.

Correct techniques

Watching all the demonstration videos in the world will never be a substitute for an expert trainer standing by your side, providing you with feedback on your technique.

Using the right techniques during training can make a huge difference to the way your body responds to the exercises you do. Injuries can also occur from improper performance of exercises, especially when you are using weights in your routine. A personal trainer can be on hand to develop your form, improve your posture and help you see the best results without the risk of injury.

At Fitness First Clubs, we want you to get the most out of your workouts. If you are stuck in a rut and looking for ways to improve your routine, or are starting out and simply want some advice, why not book a free consultation here with one of our personal trainers today?

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