Swiss Ball Exercises

March 23 2017

Working out with a Swiss ball (often known as a gym ball or an exercise ball) can help tone and condition muscle as well as improve the body’s overall balance and posture.

Incorporating a Swill ball into your fitness routine will enhance and extend the benefits of certain exercises such as planking and push-ups, as the body’s muscles work harder to remain balanced on the ball. Doing your regular exercise regime with a Swiss ball will engage and work more parts of the body, particularly the core.

Swiss ball exercises are ideal for those with back, neck or other spine injuries too, as the ball supports the lower back and thus prevents any strain being put on the affected area.

You can find a Swiss ball in the freestyle area of your local Fitness First gym, but should you wish to train with one at home too, Swiss balls are inexpensive, easy to source and are relatively easy to store.

If you’re wondering how you can introduce a Swiss ball into your routine, find some basic (but highly effective) Swiss ball exercises on our Ultimate Exercise Guide, which include a Swiss ball dumbbell fly, a Swiss ball dumbbell tricep extension, and a Swiss ball tuck.

If it’s Swiss ball exercise classes that you’re after (if you prefer to train in a group), many of our gyms run Team Swiss Ball classes, which run from 30 minutes to an hour. The ball itself is provided and every class is led by one of our highly-trained instructors.

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