The benefits of running together

September 18 2018

The benefits of running with a partner

 Running is one of the best exercises you can do – it’s cheap, simple and quick. Anyone can start running, and the health benefits are amazing.

As great as running is, there is one simple way to make it even better – find a running partner.

 Why should I find a running partner?

 Running with a partner is more fun, and they’ll push you to become better and better.

Eilish McColgan, one of Britain’s best ever 5000m runners on the track, said:

“It helps push you on for a start. I run with a brilliant group of friends and even today as an international athlete, I still benefit from the training camps that are held before major championships.” 

Joining a club is a good way of finding like-minded running mates. It can be nerve-wracking at first, but we can assure you that joining the gym, or even a local athletics club, is not the sole reserve of superstar athletes!

In fact, clubs and gyms are made up of runners just like you. For more info on joining an athletics club, check out RunTogether at which has more than 67,000 people doing exactly that…. running together and experiencing, first-hand, the benefits it can provide.

 Refer a friend scheme

 Here at Fitness First, we think running with a friend is so important, we’ve created the Refer a Friend campaign, which is all about encouraging a friend to come and training with you. All members have to do is enter their details and we’ll send you a complimentary guest pass so you can train together!  

 Some more great reasons to run with a friend

  • It is like having a coach on hand. Very quickly, they’ll recognise how you look running and can make a very informed comment on your form.
  • Chatting with a friend on the run is the perfect way to find the best pace
  • There’s safety in numbers
  • You’ll pick up all sorts of useful running advice. There are some brilliant running forums online where members are only too happy to share information
  • You’ll discover new routes
  • You’ll be less likely to miss a run or be late
  • It can be competitive when you need it to be and it helps you set new targets and run faster
  • Some interesting science says you’ll go naturally faster running alongside a friend rather than behind
  • And yet more science suggests, if a training partner is even just watching you, you’ll go faster!

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