Try a new 10-minute workout

August 04 2017

With a busy work life and an even busier social life, getting to the gym for a workout can often be tricky. Sure, we'd love to get up a few hours earlier to hit the treadmill or a spin class before heading into the office, but when that alarm sounds at 6am, getting up proves just too hard!

As summertime’s on the horizon, we're very aware that it's nice to be able to mix it up and work out in the fresh air as well as at the gym. Our new adaptable ten-minute workouts are perfect for quick outdoor workouts when you’re stuck for time and still want to achieve as much as you would do from a longer gym session. Or they can make the ideal end to your regular in-gym workout.

Since the dawn of the HIIT session, it's become easier to slot in exercise, and now, to make things even easier than that, we're launching the 10-minute workout.

Our ten-minute workouts are exactly as they sound – they're just 10 minutes of high intensity exercise that can be done either in the gym or at home with a resistance band or kettlebell. We've created six different ten-minute routines that focus on different parts of the body and different muscle groups. Pick a workout depending on the area you want to target the most and aim to do it at least three-four times a week.

The new Fitness First ten-minute workout routines 

1. Get Your Pump On – Resistance band 21’s

Best for biceps, triceps and shoulders

2. Booty Band – Resistance band booty workout

Best for the glutes

3. Grip It – Kettlebell grip work and squats

Best for strengthening the whole body

4. Total Body – Kettlebells and push-ups

Best for arms, back and core

5. Vipr Ladder – Vipr

Best for burning fat

6. Piping Hot – Vipr

Best for the core and lower body

As we mentioned before, some of these short but highly effective routines can be done anywhere too. If you can't make it down to your local Fitness First for any reason, provide you have your own kettlebell or resistance band, which can both be easily purchased from a sports or fitness retailer, four of our routines can be done at home in the living room, bedroom or garden, as well as in the park on a really beautiful day.

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