Why exercise is the key to your business success

May 29 2018

Employee health and wellbeing should be a top priority for all business leaders. Flexible working hours, free healthy snacks and regular team bonding activities are all great ways to incorporate this into your office, but the stand out perk for increasing your employees’ health and wellbeing is free or subsidised corporate gym memberships.

From improved mental health to increased productivity, helping your workforce to get fitter and healthier can have a huge impact on your business.

We’ve looked at the key reasons businesses should seriously consider offering corporate gym memberships for their staff.

Fewer sick days

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD), the annual absence cost per employee currently stands at £554. When applied on a wider business scale, this total is a substantial loss to any business. Absenteeism is an increasingly troubling issue for many businesses, and one of the best ways to combat it is through corporate gym memberships.

Companies with a strong health and wellness policy benefit from lower staff absence rates. Exercise helps our immune systems fight off infections, and reduces the risk of chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

Additionally, the CIPD has also found that the number of employees taking time off for stress-related illnesses has increased over the last year. Exercise is a well-known stress reliever, so encouraging staff members to look after their fitness can help them deal with both their physical and mental health.

Increased productivity

Healthy employees can actually be up to three times more productive than those in poor health. Research from the Telegraph suggests that organisations that prioritise the health of their employees enjoy a 24% increase in productivity compared to those who don’t.

Healthier people are less likely to experience motivational problems, are more resilient to change and more likely to have reduced stress levels, positively influencing those around them. They’re also more likely to be goal oriented and will have learnt perseverance - two traits that are essential for good employees.

Businesses who look after their staff are also contributing to a more successful and productive workplace.

Encourages team bonding

Research from Health and Safety Executive shows that one of the major causes of stress at work is relationships with colleagues. If you have a busy office, staff may not have time to stop and socialise with each other, meaning that it’s sometimes hard to form good relationships. Exercising with one another is a great way to break these barriers by working towards a shared goal together.

When people are encouraged to exercise together (via a gym session or when attending a group class like Metafit),  they’re more likely to bond with each other, support each other through their fitness journey and stick to their goals. Most importantly, they’ll become better friends and colleagues to each other.

Creates a more positive work environment and better company culture

Encouraging the health and wellbeing of your staff members will lead to a more positive working environment for everyone. Healthy, valued employees are much more likely to be happier in their roles, work harder and contribute positively to the overall culture.

The importance of workplace culture should not be underestimated.  A recent study found that employee perks are one of the most important deciding factors for potential employees when looking for a job, second only to salary. So, with the best perks in place, you’ll help to foster a great company culture, which will, in turn, help to attract the best talent to your business.

How can DW help?

If you’re interested in a corporate membership scheme, here at Fitness First we offer both Full Company memberships and Part Company memberships with a range of benefits for both employees and employers.  If you want to increase productivity, reduce sick days and improve the culture of your office, find out more here.

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