Your perfect race day kit for the London Marathon

April 09 2019

The London Marathon is fast approaching as we get closer and closer to the big day. By now, you’ll be all over your training routine and cleaning up your diet in preparation, but there’s one thing that can be easily overlooked - your marathon kit.

Race day is all about dressing for success and getting yourself in the zone for what you’re about to take on. Seriously, wearing the right gear is vital – and not just because of the obvious elements like chafing, or poor fit. Marathon success is all about being relaxed and ready on the start line, prepared for all eventualities.

Tom Carleo, VP for Global Running at New Balance says “success is about a lot of interlinking elements: science, fabric technology, physiology, geometry as well as a fair bit of inspiration”. His teams are focussed on fabrics and how to layer them, as well as studying moisture management and its properties. But don’t worry, they don’t put style on the back burner, as they realise that if it doesn’t look good, nobody will buy it.

Which leads us neatly on to the fantastic new range from New Balance.

Let’s kick things off with shoes. We can chat about support, cushioning, weight and a whole host of other factors, but the bottom line is you’ll need a pair of trainers that you are comfortable wearing. The New Balance 1080 is well cushioned, provides support and comes in at a balanced weight. At this point, some runners might try and point you in the direction of really light shoes, but there’s plenty of evidence that will tell you there is such a thing as too light. You’ll need cushioning in those final miles and a pair of 1080s will do just that.


Next up is clothing. A jacket may seem a little bit of a luxury as you won’t be racing in one. However, a functional piece of kit that moves with you as you run, allows your body to breath and has all the necessary compartments to carry valuables is surprisingly handy when it comes to training. Plus, you’ll need one to put on at the finish line!

Choosing the correct clothing is a very easy way to save valuable time and, more importantly, energy when it comes to actual performance. Dehydration can cost you up to 7 per cent in terms of your final time, so a shirt and shorts that breathe and allow the correct movement in terms of running performance are hugely important. Take a look at our selection and treat yourself to some first-class kit. Trust us, training for something like the London Marathon is a massive achievement and you deserve the best as a result!

For more helpful hints and tips on fitness and nutrition, head over to our blog for more information. Or, head over to our DW Store to browse our full running collection.

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