5 fitness apps you need on your smartphone

June 02 2015

How many of us have smartphones filled with fun, but admittedly useless apps?

If you are sick of snapping photos of your dinner, or viewing way too many embarrassing photos of your mate in a facemask; then this post is perfect for you.

All too often we neglect the power of our smartphones. These amazing devices utilise the vast knowledge of the internet, placing the expertise of personal trainers, fitness gurus and healthcare professionals straight into our pockets. While a personal training session will always provide you with greater benefits than a workout on your phone, combining the technology of a fitness app with the equipment and resources available to you in the gym can be a recipe for success if you are struggling for motivation during your workout.

We have compiled a list of the five apps you should have on your phone to to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Nike + training club - free

This is the ideal app for all of those times when you hit the gym without a clue of what to focus on.

The exercises are broken down into different sections, “Get lean”, “Get toned”, “Get strong” - to name just a few - and there is also an option to search famous athletes and celebrity workouts, so you can try and emulate the physique of your favourite star.

Once you choose your goal, select your level and then pick the name of a workout you want to do, for example “wipeout”, download the workout and you are ready to go. Although the exercises were designed with women in mind, there is no reason why they wouldn’t be just as effective for men.

Zombies, run! £2.49 IoS £2.99 Android

Need some motivation to run? What could be better motivation than fleeing from the undead?

Zombies, Run! is a unique app that infuses fitness with fear as you try and run away from a tribe of zombies in your headphones. Use while you’re on the treadmill or when you are pounding the pavements outside. As you slow down the noises of the zombies will increase, your only chance to safely get away is to run faster!

My Fitness Pal - free

The ultimate app for diet tracking, My Fitness Pal lets you note down everything you eat, drink and burn in order for you to reach your goals.

With thousands of food and drink items in its extensive database and a barcode scanner to identify products without you entering the details in; logging your lunch will soon become addictive. You can set daily calorie goals and it will provide a comprehensive breakdown of the daily macronutrients of your diet for those who are really serious about getting lean, plus you have the option to save favourite meals to save time in advance.

ARGUS - free

If you love the tracking of My Fitness Pal but want to go one step further, then ARGUS is the app that will take your statistics monitoring to the next level. Not only can you track daily calories and exercise, but keep this app running all day and it will monitor your steps, heart rate and even how long you sleep for!

Runkeeper - free

Runkeeper is a fantastic way to track your runs and your weight loss goals. This smart app utilises your GPRS with visuals to create a bespoke map of your run. You can choose which kind of exercise you have been doing, for example an interval run, as well as saving your favourite routes and sharing these on social media. Time to show off your running skills!

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