Dancing in the dark - Why Clubbercise is the hit gym trend of 2016

July 21 2016

Attending a group exercise class can be a fantastic way to hit your fitness targets. But with so many to choose from, how do you know which class is best?

Clubbercise has taken off in a big way in 2016, and it’s easy to see why.

Combining a physically-rewarding, yet easy-to-follow gym workout with a dark dancefloor, flashing disco lights and an abundance of fast-paced tunes, Clubbercise is like having a big night on the town without the Jagerbombs and guilt.

More and more people are attending early-morning “sober raves” across the UK, which act as a perfect pre-work energiser - another indication that this kind of fun-filled, dance-focused workout has captured the public’s imagination.

John Ellart runs a number of classes at DW’s Huddersfield and Halifax clubs, and he’s been a Clubbercise instructor since January 2016.

We asked him why Clubbercise has become so popular…


What does a Clubbercise routine involve? Is it pure cardio or are there other health benefits?

Clubbercise is good for cardio and to build a stronger core

The beauty of Clubbercise lies in its simplicity.

While there are set moves to follow, they are easy to pick up. And unlike other classes, if you’re worried that you won’t grasp them straight away, the room is so dark that nobody is going to notice.

Classes are designed for people of all capabilities and fitness levels, so you’ll definitely get something out of it.

“While it’s predominantly seen as a cardio workout, there’s a lot more to Clubbercise than meets the eye. You will hold some of the moves at certain points, which means you’re working your muscles too,” John commented.

“There’s a lot of squatting and lunges involved; there’s a little bit of obliques and core work, so it covers a lot of bases.”


How many calories will I burn during a Clubbercise class?

A Clubbercise session burns around 500 calories

“It varies from person to person - based on their age and exercise experience etc. - but generally you can expect to burn around 500 calories in an average Clubbercise session. Depending on how hard you work, you can continue to burn calories after the class has finished,” John told us.


Who are Clubbercise classes aimed at?

“Around 75% to 80% of people who come to Clubbercise classes are women, but you do get some men attending,” John added.

“In terms of age demographic, there’s a wide range. Because the music is so varied, we find that it appeals to people in their late teens all the way up to those in their 60s.”


What should I wear to a Clubbercise class?

What should I wear to a Clubbercise class?

You should definitely leave the stilettos at home.

While you might want to dress to impress when heading out to your local nightclub, Clubbercise classes are a far more laidback affair on the dress code front. Again, the fact that you can don your favourite tutu and luminous vest without anybody judging you really adds to the appeal of Clubbercise.

“In terms of what to wear, ‘80s and ‘90s dancewear is what most people seem to go for. There’s a lot of Neons, headbands and legwarmers!”


What songs are usually played during a Clubbercise class?

“We try to cater for everyone in the class, so there will always be songs that you know. Some instructors focus on the most up-to-date songs, whereas others like to mix things up by selecting older tracks,” John continued.

“In my class, I go from ‘80s right the way up to current music, and I’ll always get people coming up to me afterwards to say they liked a certain song and would I mind playing it next time. Anything that people can sing along to tends to go down well."

Everybody has a tune that compels them to make a beeline for the dancefloor, but are there any specific songs that cause Clubbercise class members to up their game?

“’Jump Around’ by House of Pain always gets a good reaction and ‘Scream & Shout' by Will.i.am ft Britney Spears is popular too,” John confirmed.


Is Clubbercise just a fad or will it be around for a while?

Clubbercise is here to stay

“Since I started to run Clubbercise classes in January 2016, it’s really taken off. They’ve become incredibly popular and I’d say classes are usually at least 80% full,” John continued.

“I reckon Clubbercise will be around for a while because it’s quite new and unique. I don’t see it dying out any time soon.

“You can dance like there’s nobody watching. There’s very limited visibility, so people who might be a little self-conscious can workout without worrying about others looking at them. It really is worth a go."


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