Pilates in London

March 16 2017

If you’re looking for pilates classes in London, then head to your local Fitness First.

With gyms located in both central London and greater London, Fitness First offers members and non-members weekly pilates classes for all fitness abilities. A low impact, mat-based form of exercise, pilates is accessible to all ages and all fitness levels.

Created by Joseph Pilates in 1920, pilates was originally named ‘Contrology’, and was based around the principle of controlling and isolating the core muscles in order to strengthen them. Strengthening the core leads to better posture and bodily alignment.

Today, pilates is a very popular practice, which not only builds muscle, but develops flexibility and improves agility. Through a mix of resistance holds, dynamic movement and deep stretching, pilates builds on the core muscles, but also engages the arms, legs, back and neck too.

The practice of pilates benefits the mind too. Classes are conducted in a very calming and relaxing environment, and each exercise flows seamlessly from one to another. Pilates offers an all-over body workout but also cleansing for the mind, relieving stress and anxiety, and also aiding sleep.

At Fitness First, we run pilates classes across many of our gyms in London including Baker Street, Angel, Hammersmith, Oxford Street, Camden, Clapham Junction and Bishopsgate. Our classes are open to all abilities and are led by highly-trained instructors. Although pilates practice is a low-impact form of exercise, do let your instructor know if you suffer from any injuries before beginning the class.


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