Pole dancing classes in london

March 22 2017

Though not the most conventional form of exercise, over the past decade pole dancing has become a popular and highly effective way to keep fit whilst having fun.

If you’re looking for pole dancing classes in London or elsewhere in the UK, be sure to visit Fitness First – at many of our gyms, trained instructors teach classes every week.

Pole dancing has many health benefits, and if you’re interested in shaking up your current fitness routine, it’s definitely worth giving a go. As pole dancing involves the use of many of the body’s muscles, it’s great for all-over stretching and toning.

Other benefits of pole dancing include muscle strengthening, improved flexibility, improved blood circulation and joint mobility. As you’re continually active when pole dancing, you reap the benefits of both a muscle building workout and cardio workout.

It’s important to note that pole dancing is also a low-impact exercise class and can be taken at the participant’s own pace – it’s a non-competitive form of exercise.

Along with physical benefits, pole dancing also has many mental benefits. Practicing to the soundtrack of fun, fast and uplifting music increases positivity, whilst feel-good endorphins released as you exercise will naturally lift your mood. Pole dancing classes are also a good way to socialise and improve your body confidence as well.

Our pole dancing classes are taught by trained instructors who encourage participants to enjoy themselves. All ages and abilities are welcome.


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