The truth - Why juice cleansing is bad for your health

November 28 2014

Unless you have been living under a rock for most of 2014, you will have most likely have encountered the bottle of green sludge that is the juice cleanse.

Arguably the most popular fad diet of the year, celebrities and health-conscious consumers alike have swapped their meals in favour of a liquid diet consisting entirely of pulverised fruit and veg. According to the hype, the juice cleanse will drain the toxins out of your body, give your digestive system a well-deserved break and leaving you feeling revitalised and full of energy.

Here at Fitness First Fitness, we know the value of a good balanced diet so we were naturally sceptical that your body could function, let alone benefit, from surviving on only sugar and vitamins.

Before you throw away the entire contents of your fridge and disown your beloved protein forever, aside from it being expensive and time consuming, here are the reasons why the juice cleanse is a bad idea.

No scientific evidence

Despite its popularity, there is little scientific evidence to support that the juice cleanse, or any detoxing diet, has any significant benefits for your health.

Detoxing is an unnecessary process as our bodies naturally eliminate toxins and restore our health through the colon, liver and the kidneys. While eating the right amount of vitamins and nutrients found in the juice cleanse does benefit your body, there is no evidence to suggest removing solids from your diet does anything positive for your health.

Could lead to more weight gain

While it is undoubted that there are temporary weight loss benefits, as most juicers claim to lose around 7Ibs on average during the first couple of weeks of cleansing, rapid weight loss is typical of any crash diet.

Fruit and vegetables are both extremely low in fat and calories, which means that juicers are consuming only a fraction of the amount of calories an adult needs to function throughout a normal day. Your body is made up of 80% water so most of the weight lost throughout the first week will be stored water weight.

Crash dieting is a vicious cycle, as you continue to starve yourself your body will enter shock mode where it actually holds on to fat stores, this will make your weight loss plateau which often leads people to become unmotivated with their progress and give up. Once you start eating normally again, your body holds on to the extra calories you've consumed to prevent another starvation occurrence. This leads you to put on the weight you lost and often a little bit more than you started with!

Loss of energy

When many people begin their juice cleansing pilgrimage, they are noticeably revitalised, brimming with energy and excitement. After 5 days of drinking nothing but juice, you will be hungry - or more accurately hangry!

Depriving your body of essential food groups like carbohydrates and protein can seriously damage your concentration, energy levels and mood. Hardcore juicers will most likely be tired, depressed and irritable, cursing the expensive fad diet they embarked upon.

Why do cleansers suddenly stop feeling the benefits that they first felt? Juicers experience a placebo effect in the first few days of cleansing, where the excitement of beginning a new healthy lifestyle overshadows the fatigue they are experiencing. Once this has passed, the dieter soon starts to feel the effects of starving their body and they lack the energy to perform simple tasks, let alone being able to hit the gym.

Don’t starve yourself to get results

With years of experience, we know that achieving long lasting results requires a combination of eating a balanced diet and regular physical exercise.

Don’t fall behind on your training regime due to poor diet choices. While monitoring your calorie intake is important if you are trying to lose weight, swapping your meals for juice may lead you to gain weight in the long run. Opt for a balanced diet including all the food groups and try to attend the gym at least 3 times a week.

Begin your healthy lifestyle in the right way, we are giving away the rest of the year free to anyone who signs up for a membership for next year. What are you waiting for? Sign up and begin today.

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