Top 6 healthy breakfast ideas for kids

June 25 2018

Breakfast cereals are the easy option on a busy school morning, but they are often highly processed and packed full of sugar.

To help your kids start the day right, you want to give them a healthy breakfast that is easy to prepare and tastes great. Try and mix it up to keep things exciting! You could even get them involved in the cooking.

Here are 6 breakfast ideas that the kids will love.

1. Eggs any way

Eggs take a little longer to make in the morning, but they have been shown to be one of the best breakfasts for adults and kids. The high-quality protein in eggs helps to keep you full till lunch, and they’re a good source of essential fatty acids, vitamin D, B6, B12, zinc and iron.

There are lots of ways you can enjoy eggs, be it poached, scrambled, hard-boiled, fried, as eggy bread or in an omelette. You can add extra nutrients to your omelette or scrambled eggs by tossing in some spinach, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese, as well as a handful of herbs and spices.

Try pairing the eggs with wholegrain bread, avocado, potato fritters and savoury pancakes.

2. A warming bowl of porridge

Porridge is a popular breakfast choice for adults, but it’s a perfect option for kids too. Oats are packed with fibre, a nutrient that many of us don’t have enough of, which is good for digestion and keeps us full till lunch.

If your kids scrunch up their noses when you mention the word porridge, then there are a few things you can do. Porridges like Ready Brek contain oats that are more processed and broken compared to regular oats, but it’s a great way to ease children into the taste of porridge. Try to get creative with the toppings to keep it exciting for the kids. To increase the sweetness of the porridge, you could add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the oats while cooking, and throw in nutritious ingredients like seeds. Here are a few topping ideas:

- Pink porridge with crushed raspberries swirled through and topped with flaked almonds
- Apple pie porridge with grated apple, ground almonds, raisins and cinnamon
- Chocolate porridge with cocoa powder and cinnamon, or a cube of dark chocolate
- Carrot cake porridge with raisins, cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg
- Serve with a smile by creating shapes and faces with pieces of fruit or dried fruit
- A teaspoon of nut butter such as peanut, almond or chocolate hazelnut
- Sliced banana and a drizzle of honey
- Homemade compote (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry)

3. Natural yoghurt with fresh fruit

Yoghurt is great for the gut as it contains probiotic bacteria, and is a good source of high-quality protein for our muscles, and calcium for healthy bones. Shop bought yoghurt pots are often high in refined sugar and contain preservatives, colourings and thickeners. Try to buy a big tub of natural or Greek yoghurt and flavour it with toppings such as fruit, oats, muesli, granola and nut butter. Want it sweeter? Add some natural sugars with things like honey, maple syrup or stewed fruit.

4. Wholegrain bread

Bread can be a great choice for breakfast, and you can mix it up with different toppings. We are fortunate enough to be able to buy bread made from all sorts of grains such as whole wheat, spelt and rye. When buying the wholegrain versions, these grains are rich in fibre and a good source of magnesium, iron and B vitamins. Always try to include a source of protein with your bread to help slow down the release of the sugar into the bloodstream and to keep the kids full till lunch. Here are a few topping ideas:

- Smashed avocado sprinkled with seeds such as The Food Doctor’s Super Seeds Mix
- Almond butter topped with sliced banana and a pinch of cinnamon
- Chocolate hazelnut butter (we like Meridian Cocoa and Hazelnut butter) topped with sliced strawberries
- Mushrooms and tomatoes roasted or fried with herbs and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil (top tip: if you're tight on time before school, pop them in the microwave)
- Eggs any way such as scrambled or poached
- Chia seed jam made from fruit, chia seeds and honey (to be made in advance)

5. Homemade pancakes

Instead of buying pancakes, which are usually made from refined flour and sugar, try making your own and get the children involved in the cooking. We have a delicious pancake recipe on the blog made using wholemeal or spelt flour, which can be made in advance and will last a few days in the fridge. You can also make quick and easy pancakes with just four ingredients; bananas, eggs, oats and baking powder. You can top the pancakes with yoghurt, fruit, honey, nuts and compote, or make them savoury and top with mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, avocado and smoked salmon.

6. Healthier breakfast cereals

Sometimes children just want a bowl of cereal in the morning, and luckily there are some healthier options. Cereals such as shredded whole wheat, wheat biscuits, bran flakes and no added sugar muesli are made from whole grains and contain less sugar than other breakfast cereals. Let the kids get creative and top with things like fruit, dried fruit, homemade compote, nuts, and seeds.

Want some more ideas for tasty, nutritious meals? Check out our recipe ideas.


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