Five really simple protein-rich recipes

August 15 2017

After a long, hard sweat at the gym, it's essential to refuel your body and repair your muscles with a good source of protein. If you've worked out in between mealtimes, opt for a tasty protein-heavy snack, but if you've trained just before one of your three meals a day, tuck into a hearty and healthy protein-based breakfast, lunch or dinner.

 For a little protein-spiration, check out the quick and simple recipes below to find a delicious protein fix whatever time of day you need it.


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Protein pancakes

A Fitness First favourite (though we're sure we're not the only ones that love these), these easy-peasy protein pancakes can be whipped up in just five minutes. Made with banana, ricotta, oats or almond flour as a base, these pancakes make the most delectable brekkie when served with berries, natural yoghurt and a drizzle of honey on top.

See the full recipe for protein pancakes




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Broccoli, pea and feta frittata

This tasty broccoli, pea and feta frittata from Fitness First ambassador Clean Eating Alice is simple to make, stores well in the fridge and can be eaten both hot or cold. If you're treating yourself, add in a little cheddar cheese (along with slightly less feta) for a more indulgent version.

See the full recipe for broccoli, pea and feta frittata




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Turkey mince stuffed peppers

These turkey mince stuffed bell peppers are ideal for lunches, especially when prepared the night before. Batch cooking the turkey and rice filling for a number of peppers is a great idea if you're lining up lunches for days in advance too. If you're not a turkey fan, use minced chicken or lean beef or pork instead. For a veggie option, why not fill the peppers with a spicy bean mix? Delicious.

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Quinoa and prawn paella

Instead of rice, this paella uses quinoa, which is jam-packed with protein. This recipe can be easily adapted to fit your tastebuds too – if you don't like seafood, use chicken, or for a veggie option, pile the saucepan with extra peppers, peas, mushrooms and add tofu. Again, this dish is great for storing in the fridge (we think it gets tastier having been left a day or two) and having as a quick lunch or dinner another day.

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On-the-go snack


Cashew and goji berry balls

Another recipe from Clean Eating Alice, these no-bake snack balls can be made in minutes. All you need is the ingredients, a blender, and then a fridge for cooling. Carry them with you as a healthy post-gym snack, or have them at home for when you come in from a sweaty evening session.

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