Your health is your responsibility. Our management and staff are dedicated to maintaining a safe environment whilst you train. We are taking every opportunity to ensure you can continue to enjoy the facilities we offer, with this in mind we have carefully considered how we can work together, to ensure you maximize your training whilst ensuring the safety of both you and our staff.

1. You must not visit the gym should you develop any signs of Covid 19; this includes a persistent cough or a high temperature.
2. You must inform a member of staff on your first visit if you have a medical condition that may put you at risk.
3. You will allow us to check your temperature as you enter the club – if you have a high temperature then you will accept that you cannot enter the club.
4. You will respect the social distancing rules we have set out within the facility and respect other members at all times when using our facilities.
5. You will respect the hygiene principles when training and agree to clean down your equipment with the sanitizer and wipes available.
6. The afore mentioned measures extend to all areas and activities within the club. This includes Group Activity, Personal Training and Swimming
7. When using the wet area of the facility we ask that you respect other members in these areas and adhere to the social distancing measures at all times.
8. The information given by you on entering this agreement is correct and accurate and can be relied upon by us.

1. We shall endeavour to maintain a high standard of hygiene and keep a safe environment for you to exercise in at all times.
2. We shall at all times monitor the social distancing rules we have applied to ensure your safety is paramount when using our facilities.
3. We ensure that our staff are on duty to deliver a high standard of hygiene principles.
4. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure our team are trained in social distancing and good standards of hygiene.
5. We respect your decisions and allow you to make your own decision on your exercise regime however we reserve the right to ask you to maintain social distancing measures at all times.

This Pledge is for guidance only. It is not a legally binding agreement and does not create any obligations which you or we should meet