1 challenge, 6 stations


Trax Games 2023

Join the TRAX Games, a fitness challenge featuring 6 dynamic stations: Rows, Alternate DB Ground to Overhead Press, Box Step Overs, Air Bike, DB Push Press, and Ski Erg.

Whether you're going solo, teaming up with a partner, or forming a group of 4, everyone can get in on the action!

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1 Challenge,
6 Stations

Row, Alternate DB Shoulder To Overhead, Box Step Overs, Air Bike, DB Push Press, Ski erg. 

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Trax Games 2023 - Pair Challenge

Why not invite a friend to complete the pairs challenge with you?

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Trax Games 2023 - Team Challenge

Why not speak to some colleagues at work and set up some healthy competition in the work place to join you for TraX Games?

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Workout 1 with Nathan

Rower Workout 

Workout 2 with Papa

Rower & Snatches

Workout 3 with Amina

Step Ups & Air Bike

Workout 4 with Nathan

Air Bike Workout

Workout 5 with Lexy

Shoulder Press & Ski Erg

Workout 6 with Papa

Ski Erg Workout

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