Workouts & EQUIPMENT


Whether you’re training for an event, want to improve your sport or you just want to get fitter faster - we’re in! You set the goals, we’ll help you smash them. Keep your eyes peeled in the new year for some brand new customised workouts. Our workouts are accessible in the Fitness First UK App.

Try something new


New equipment and workouts may seem a little intimidating if you haven't done it before but we're here to help show you how to get the best out them. Fitness First Trainer Aaron shows you in the short video below how to use the SkiErg in your next working session.

Aaron shows Why not try and involve the SkiErg into your next workout.



The assault bike offers a diverse workout challenging your ability and strength while looking super techy. Fear not, they’re easy as pie as demonstrated in this video by Tim, our Head of Gym Floor Experience, and try it out the next time you’re in the club.

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