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Hot Yoga near London Bridge

April 06 2022 6 min read

On the hunt for a hot yoga class near London Bridge? At Fitness First Angel, only four Tube stops or a 20-minute bus journey from London Bridge station, you’ll find weekly hot yoga classes at our in-gym studio.

With up to ten classes taking place every week at our gym in Angel, it’s the ideal place for both members and non-members to try hot yoga.

Hot yoga involves set positions and breathing exercises being practiced in a 36 degree-heated studio. Sure, at first thought hot yoga can sound daunting, especially for newcomers. But there are many benefits to the practice, which include detoxifying the body (sweating caused by the heat flushes out toxins) and helping to tone the body’s muscles.

Exercising in such heat relaxes the body too, so it becomes suppler and moves more easily. The high temperature also helps to improve the quality of our breathing and allows the mind to focus, therefore aiding anxiety and sleep disorders.

All Fitness First yoga instructors are expertly trained in the practice and offer the highest level of teaching. If you’re planning on joining us for a class, we do advise that you arrive fully hydrated (drink lots beforehand) and with a bottle of water for the session.

Rest assured that our classes are completely non-competitive. Yoga is a relaxing form of exercise, so come ready to unwind as well as sweat, and be sure to take the class at your own pace.

Many more of our gyms also offer hot yoga classes, so find one near you here.