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How compression clothes can aid your workout

April 06 2022 6 min read

There are many different things that can help you run faster; your diet, technique, the right coaching. One thing that has a large effect on speed, which is sometimes overlooked, is the clothing you wear.

We all know the importance of having the right running shoes, but other aspects of your kit can also improve how you run. Out of all the choices you can make, we think the best type of clothing for running is compression clothing.


Wearing compression clothing can help you with:

- Better recovery

- Better temperature regulation

- Better muscle efficiency

- Reduced feeling of fatigue

So how exactly do they work? You may have seen that compression clothing looks and feels tight. Well, this compression aspect of the clothing is the key to it’s benefits - it increases blood circulation and allows the body to recover more effectively, which in turn, helps you run faster.


Research has shown that by wearing compression leggings while running can help you reduce wasted energy by around 4-16% thanks to your muscles moving more efficiently.

Combine that with wearing a bodymapped compression t-shirt and you’ll reduce your chest, shoulder and back temperature by 47%, 44% and 55% respectively. Lower core temperatures again mean you’ll run faster,  and your heart rate will reduce by up to 5.1% thanks to compression clothing.

In short, your muscles become more efficient and you recover more effectively from a workout.

Visit the England Athletics website for more help and advice on running and keeping fit.