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Your gym kit: what pieces do our experts swear by?

April 06 2022 6 min read

Keeping comfortable, cool and supported is essential for everyone during exercise.

An old t-shirt and canvas trainers might be fine for some light walking or very low-impact activity, but for those of us who want to train for harder, faster and longer, we need to make sure that we have the best kit for the job.

Wearing the right type of clothing when training has a whole host of benefits. From offering comfort and improving your range of motion, to preventing injury and improving your blood circulation. It can make a huge difference to your session.

Having new, well-fitting workout gear will make you feel ready to take on the world, and you’ll carry this positivity and confidence throughout your workout.

For some top kit picks, who better to ask than the professionals who live active lifestyles day-to-day?

We visited Fitness First Cheltenham and spoke to three of our brilliant staff members, Yasmine, William and Rachel, to find out what kit pieces they swear by to get the best workout possible.


Fitness Consultant Yasmin loves the comfort and support of the Women’s Nike In-Season Training Shoes.

“It’s so important to have a shoe with durable cushioning when you spend all day hosting classes or assisting people with their workouts,” she said. “These trainers are so comfortable and absolutely ideal for circuit training and cardio-heavy workouts.“

Yasmin also wanted to highlight the importance of having a supportive sports bra while training.

“Sports bras are a critical part of a workout wardrobe for all women. Choosing the right sports bra will depend on the type of exercise you’re doing and your cup size, but they are essential for adding comfort and relieving pain while you workout.”

Take a look at our huge range of sports bras, including compression tops, bras with in-built cups, and more.

Check out Yasmin’s Instagram for more info about her favourite workouts.


Health and Fitness Manager William believes that  finding a kit with the right amount of support and durability is key to your workout.

“Trainers are the base of all good gym and fitness wear. They need to provide the right amount of support and stability for your more active workouts, while also offering comfort and style in the gym. I’ve found that the Men’s Nike Zoom Train Command offers the best cushioning that increases your responsiveness throughout your workout.”

He also says how important it is to have clothes that fit you properly in all the right areas.

“You should always select a training top that’s just the right fit in all the right areas. It should be tight across the upper body while providing enough space around the core so you can move freely.

“Your shorts should be a comfortable fit; they should sit well on the waist and hips with plenty of legroom to allow free movement. Your leggings should hug your skin and give you a sense of stability around your lower body, supporting you and keeping your muscles and joints warm.”


Comfort and movement are the two most important aspects for Health and Fitness Manager Rachel. She said:

“Leggings, crop tops and vest are my essentials. Nike Power Tight leggings give me the compression for weight training, as well as high-intensity circuits and explosive moments. I look for vests that are light and flattering, and crop tops that offer great support and keep their shape throughout my workout.

“As well as this, soft, bouncy trainers are a must-have when it comes to my training.”

Rachel believes with this kind of kit, she can help other people on their fitness journeys with all the confidence and comfort she needs.

You can find Rachel’s Instagram here.


Our staff members agree that the three most important things you should gain from your training gear are comfort, support and confidence. Different workouts require different pieces, but you should always seek out these three aspects when choosing your sportswear. Find out more about the workout clothes you should be wearing for your chosen activity.