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How to workout like a pro cyclist

April 06 2022 6 min read

From jumping across the Channel for the Tour de France to cheering on Team GB in the Olympic sprint, cycling is a great sport that everyone can enjoy. Whether you’re pushing the pedals yourself or simply sitting back and watching, there are plenty of events where you can see some phenomenal bike races. Whether you’re a road, dirt or track fan, British Cycling has all the major events covered on their website at Sky Ride is a popular British event that takes place all around the UK over summer - thousands of riders of all ages and abilities swap their cars for bikes and take over the streets to promote a cleaner, greener nation. There’s also British Cycling’s Breeze, a women’s-only ride designed to help women feel confident going for a ride and get more people involved in the sport recreationally. It’s a great social event and a way to not only work out, but also make some new friends!

Another way to get into the cycling spirit is to try spinning. Fitness First offers regular spin classes across its gyms which gives you all the benefits of cycling without going anywhere! Over 30 or 45 minutes, your dedicated spin instructor will pump out some motivational music and have you cycling your heart out. You’ll go through different intervals, up and down imaginary hills and change up your resistance so you really get the blood pumping. The best thing is that you’re in control of your own bike, so you get to decide how hard you want to push yourself. If you’re new, take the time to get used to the rhythm and take as many breaks as you like – just keep pedalling!

Spin classes are one of the best ways to burn calories, improve your cardio ability, increase your stamina and tone your legs, glutes and core. It’s also a low-impact sport so it’s kind to your joints, knees and ankles. Plus, spinning is not only good for your body, but it also releases plenty of those feel-good endorphins so you’ll be bopping away to the music as you work up a sweat. As you’re constantly changing your workout – whether it’s upping the intensity, standing up in the saddle or racing your neighbour, you’ll be amazed at how fast the time flies… and how much fun you’re having!