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My fitness bucket list

April 06 2022 6 min read

Whether your dream is to scale Everest, or simply touch your toes, having a specific fitness goal in mind is one of the best ways to keep yourself focused and inspired. We asked Fitness First members and trainers what they’re working towards.

“I ran a half marathon last year and want to do another to see if I can beat my time. I ran it in 2.06 last time, so if I can break the two-hour mark I’ll be delighted.”

Sara Fitzgerald – Fitness First member

“I just want to maintain a healthy diet that suits my body. I’m overcoming inflammatory bowel disease, so my main focus right now is getting my strength back.”

Claire Goddard – Group Exercise Manager

“My main fitness goals include going to Hawaii to surf Pipeline (preferably on one of its smaller days) and travelling across Patagonia, hiking its mountains.”

Myles Hopper – Personal Trainer

I love yoga but have never been very flexible. My classes are helping, and I’m hoping that soon – and for the first time in my life – I’ll be able to touch my toes easily.”

Fiona Spry – Fitness First member

“In the not too distant future I’m hoping to be able to do an unassisted wide-grip pull-up. I would also like to complete a Tough Mudder and run the London Marathon.”

Tally Rye – Personal Trainer

“I want to successfully complete an ultra-endurance event like Ironman or Marathon des Sables and I would also love to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine – purely for vanity reasons!”

James Crew – General Manager

“My girlfriend loves to go jogging every Saturday morning, but I never go because she’s much fitter than I am. For once, I want to go running with her and be able to keep up.”

Tom Bird – Fitness First member

“I really want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro!”

Tanya Bright – Fitness Consultant

“I’m looking to run another marathon. I ran the London Marathon in 2011 but was injured during my training so I’m hoping to do it again, but faster. I’d also like to take on a triathlon, but will need to practise my swimming first!”

Mitch Price – Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer

“I’m looking to get even stronger. I want to get 10 clean, perfect pull-ups – that’s a pretty big one of my goals.”

Amanda O’Hare – Personal Trainer

“I want to learn to snowboard and wakeboard.”

Chris Harris – General Manager

“I know swimming is a really great way to exercise and love splashing about in the sea, but haven’t ventured into the gym’s pool yet to do some proper laps. I’ve promised myself this is the year I do 30 lengths.”

Lucas Wright, Fitness First member

“My fitness goals are to get to 10-20 personal training sessions a week, climb the ladder of Fitness First, and to personally improve my physique.”

Sam Deas – Fitness Consultant and Personal Trainer

As you can see, having something to aim for and work towards really helps boost willpower and motivation, so we hope this has inspired you to set your own fitness ambition. What’s on your fitness bucket list?