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The benefits of group exercise

April 06 2022 6 min read

There are so many reasons why going to the gym and exercising in a group is more beneficial than going solo. From physical advantages, like better performance and improved form, to mental rewards such boosted moods, working out with others can have positive effects on your overall fitness and wellbeing, and that's why trying one of our group exercise workouts, such as our group freestyle sessions, is a brilliant idea. Don't believe us? Discover at least five great reasons to get fit with friends below...

Increased motivation

It can be hard getting yourself to the gym on a cold and dark morning or after a long day, busy at work, so having someone egging you on really helps. Training as part of a group and having friends all heading to the same exercise class applies just the right amount of pressure to join them and not let them down. Though it might be easy to bail on yourself, bailing on people encouraging you to do well is a lot harder – you're definitely more likely to attend the gym more regularly if you have gym buddies both relying on you and routing for you.

Team spirit

Not only can classmates help get you to the gym, but they can also help you hit your fitness goals (and even exceed them) once you're there. At all Fitness First exercise classes, particularly boot camp, circuits and spin, there's an emphasis on team spirit and encouraging your fellow class members to power on. Working out with other people sparks your competitive side too, which will have you pushing yourself to your limits and achieving new things.

A whole load of fun

Although group exercise classes are good for spurring you on, there's no pressure to do anything you don't want to either. The atmosphere at all of our group exercise classes is fun and enjoyable. Each class is very sociable too, so they're a great way to make new friends... To maybe try a new exercise class with?


A Structured Workout 

Exercise classes are great for gym newbies or for anyone that isn't a fan of freestyling by themselves in the gym. Attending a class is a more regimented way of working – you go knowing exactly what part of the body you're working on, what type of muscles you'll be targeting and for exactly how long you'll be exercising for. If you find it hard to concentrate and stay in the gym for an effective period of time, going to a class could be a good idea. Also, if you're unsure what equipment or exercises will help you hit your fitness goals, kicking things off in a class and with the guidance of an instructor is a good place to learn. Of course you can also ask a Fitness First member of staff for advice on equipment and its use too.

If you're interested in trying one of our group exercise classes, then find a class to suit you at your local Fitness First gym. All of our group classes are known for their strong team spirit and we encourage you to cheer on your classmates as you go.