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What is hot yoga

April 06 2022 6 min read

Unlike your usual yoga class, hot yoga is the practice of yogic positions and breathing techniques done in a 36 degree-heated studio.

Sound intense? Hot yoga is a powerful fitness class, stretching and stimulating all the muscles that a regular dynamic yoga class would, however there are added health and fitness benefits to practicing in such a high temperature.

To begin with, sweating throughout the class (which is inevitable!) will help rid your body and skin of toxins and impurities. The heat increases heart rate, helps to improve the function of your respiratory system and improves the body’s blood circulation.

Not only is hot yoga brilliant for maintaining a healthy weight and keeping muscles toned (practicing in heat allows the body become suppler and move more easily), but the practice also relaxes the body, improves quality your breathing, and helps to relax the mind. Those who practice hot yoga on a regular basis often see a reduction in anxiety and stress plus an improved sleep pattern.

We offer hot yoga and hot power yoga classes at many of our gyms including Angel, Tottenham Court Road and Leyton Mills.

All of our hot yoga teachers are expertly trained and offer the highest level of teaching. If you’re planning on joining us for a class, do arrive fully hydrated (drink lots of water beforehand) and with a bottle of water for the session too.

Fitness First hot yoga classes are non-competitive and we encourage you to take the class at your own pace. Yoga is meant to be relaxing, so come prepared to unwind as well as sweat!