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Work those muscles at body pump class

April 06 2022 6 min read

With great music and plenty of encouragement on hand, body pump classes will help you achieve far more than you ever could with a solo workout.

BODYPUMPTM is a high energy, fast-paced class for all abilities and is the secret to developing lean, athletic muscle without using heavy weights. It’s fantastic for anyone looking to get sculpted and toned fast. Our trained instructors will introduce you to a combination of weight training and aerobics, focusing on choreographed high-repetition movements to help burn fat, increase strength and improve muscle conditioning. This means you burn calories and tone your body without getting bulky muscles. It also strengthens bones and joints, protecting you from future aches, pains and injuries.

A body pump class involves moderate to high intensity resistance training using a barbell with relatively low weights (or even just the bar if you’re new to it) to execute approximately 800 repetitions of various exercises to music. You begin with a warm up and then work your way through the eight major muscle groups, each to its own pumping soundtrack, before closing with a cool down.

With simple exercises, great music and group motivation, body pump is one of the most popular workouts available. It’s the perfect class for anyone looking to get back into fitness – start gently with maybe just the first three or four tracks then add week by week until you can work through the whole thing. Sessions are also very sociable, so why not bring along a friend?

Your Fitness First body pump class will improve your aerobic fitness, help you develop efficiency in movements and increase muscular strength and endurance. Better still it will also give great definition to your shoulders, legs and arms, as well firming up your glutes and tightening your core.