Which exercise class is right for you?

May 26 2015

We have a huge variety of exciting exercise classes her at Fitness First Clubs, yet with such an extensive list to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you?

Group exercise has many benefits, it challenges you with new activities, motivates you to work as hard as the people around you and creates a fun and sociable atmosphere to exercise in. Nowadays there is much more choice than simply joining in with an aerobics class. While we still do offer this option, we have also added a variety of new classes to our gyms across the country.

If you are new to DW or are looking for some more information about which classes we offer, then take a look at the list below as we have outlined the benefits of a few of our favourite classes.

Circuit training

Circuit training classes are perfect for those days when you want to get a great workout, but you can’t make yourself focus on one exercise in particular. Each circuit class uses a series of dynamic bodyweight resistance movements to elevate your heart rate and build your muscles.

Alternating between fast reps of intense exercise, with short rests, creates high-intensity interval training that will put your body in the fat-shredding zone and burn huge amounts of calories.
The exercises are simple and easy to follow, expect to do press-ups, crunches, squat jumps and burpees, as well as many more.

Works: Your entire body, great for fat burning.


Yoga is much more than just stretching, it helps to tone muscles, build strength and improve posture and flexibility. Originally practised in India, yoga has become one of the most popular forms of exercise as it can be practised by anyone, in any location. Just lay down a mat and open your mind.

Fitness First Clubs offer yoga classes for all ages and abilities, starting from beginners and progressing to advanced groups. During the 45-minute class, you will be taken through a variety of poses and breathing techniques by a qualified yoga instructor. Yoga not only exercises your body, but it works to create balance and peace within your mind, so it is the ideal class to unwind with after a hectic day.

Works: Full body, tones muscles and builds strength.


This exercise is perfect for anyone looking for a high-intensity, fast-paced cardio workout. This non-contact exercise class utilises the principles and moves from boxing for a fun, fat-burning 30-minute workout, safely toning and conditioning your physique.

Works: Your entire body, encourages fat burning.

Body Pump

If you are looking to get lean, tone up, and burn fat, then a Les Mills Body Pump class is definitely the right choice for you. Using barbell weights and cardio moves, an average Body Pump class can burn around 600 calories through weight repetition and fast-paced movements.

Works: Entire body, maximum fat burning.


Spinning classes are all the rage at the moment, but are they right for you? A spinning class is totally different to pedaling on a stationary bike, the support from the instructor, the beat of the music, and dynamic levels and speeds ensure that every class is an exciting experience. While spinning is great for your legs, it also works your core as you balance yourself on the seat as you sway from side to side. You'll burn fat as you pedal faster and tone muscles as you ride through the harder levels at a slower pace.

Works: Legs and core, fat burning.


One of the best classes to shred fat, build muscle and challenge yourself is the revolutionary GT30 class. Using a combination of bodyweight resistance and cardio exercises, your instructor will take you through a range of dynamic movements, helping you to achieve amazing results.

Works: Full body, fat burner.


Bodyweight drills and exercises work your whole body and the major muscle groups in our 30 minute class, to improve endurance, power and efficiency. Metafit is the original 30 minute workout with an afterburn that lasts up to 24 hours. By using bodyweight training it is one of the more effective group exercise workouts that deliver big results. 

Works: Whole body, fat burner.

Don’t hesitate to come to your local Fitness First Club if you want to sign up for any of these classes. As we have even more to offer, take a look at the full list of classes here or contact us to find out which classes your branch offers.

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