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Learn new boxing techniques, combined with circuit style training to increase your heart and lung function.

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Take a Boxercise class at Fitness First

Gloves at the ready: prepare to kick up a storm at one of our hard-hitting Boxercise classes.

At a Fitness First Boxercise class, professional boxing techniques (though you don't actually hit anyone!) and circuit training are combined to create an intense workout. Sure, you may have to fight your way to the end of this class, but once you finish it, you'll feel amazing.

Boxercise is a thorough full-body workout, which focuses on more than just the arms. This class involves upper body conditioning, which tones and strengthens the core, as well as cardio training, which improves stamina and heart functionality. As a result, Boxercise is a sure-fire way to achieve a lean, toned body. You'll also improve agility, stamina and co-ordination, all while burning hundreds of calories.

But it's not all hard work at our Boxercise classes. Each session is fun and energetic, and is a great way to relieve stress too – you can work out your frustrations and release feel-good endorphins at the same time.

Fitness First Boxercise classes are run by our expert trainers and last 30 minutes to one hour.


Boxercise is based on the different training techniques used by professional boxers, but without the risks associated with physical contact. The high-intensity nature of the workout means that you burn fat quickly, and the quick succession and repetitive motion of the movements tones your muscles.

What does a Boxercise class involve?

As we’ve mentioned above, Boxercise takes elements that professional boxers use in their own training. And while classes may vary, a typical one will involve…

● Shadow-boxing

● Hitting pads

● Skipping

● Press-ups

● Sit-ups

● Working with punchbags

What are the benefits of Boxercise?

One of the great things about Boxercise is that it brings the discipline of boxing to the masses, and it’s a workout that’s suitable for everyone.

Here are a few of the benefits it can bring...

● Mental health benefits - The controlled and specific movements in Boxercise require a great deal of focus, so much so that trainers actually say that it can improve your concentration and discipline.

● Release tension - If you’re feeling tense or stressed, Boxercise is the perfect way to let all that go by channelling your aggression in a safe and controlled manner. Even though Boxercise is non-contact, you will feel more in control of your body, and certainly more relaxed and de-stressed after a class.

● Burn fat quickly - Boxercise is the ultimate combination of strength and cardio, so after a few classes you may start to find that the excess pounds are melting away. The classes take the form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) where you combine short bursts of intense exercise with recovery periods - the very best method for losing weight.

● Tones full body muscles - Boxing itself requires quick movements, which encourages your muscles to develop, and Boxercise takes this element and incorporates it into the classes. But it works your whole body over, from your arms, back, legs and core - you’ll certainly feel the benefit!


Our Boxercise classes can last between 45 and 60 minutes


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