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A half an hour guided meditation class. The meditation technique used is called 'Anapana' which means to be mindful of ones breath.

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Take a Meditation class at Fitness First

For most of us, switching off is one of the hardest things to achieve. After a busy day at work or a particularly tough training session, meditation is the key to finding inner peace.

While it involves hardly any physical exertion, meditation is one of the most difficult-to-master classes on the Fitness First timetable. Why? It’s a technique that can take years and years of practice. That said, it’s well and truly worth it – your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

Meditation is an age-old practice and spiritual state designed to promote relaxation, build internal energy and develop emotions such as empathy, kindness, compassion and patience. The goal is to relax the body, calm the mind and shut out unnecessary external thoughts and energies.

While it may sound a bit far-fetched for first-timers, meditation has a wide range of health benefits and has even been used as a remedy for conditions such as high blood pressure, depression and anxiety. People report feeling more energetic, happier and less stressed after meditation classes. Regularly practicing meditation has also been proven to improve immunity, increase concentration levels and even slow down the signs of ageing.

At Fitness First, we offer a guided 30-minute meditation class for all levels, from total beginners to regular meditators. We use the meditation technique called ‘Anapana’, which means to be mindful of one’s breath. It was originally taught by Gautama Buddha, on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. The class involves sitting in a darkened room and focusing on inhaling and exhaling in a number of repetitions. This helps you internalise your thoughts and observe how your body and mind are feeling.

Whether you’re interested in the spiritual, philosophical side of meditation, or you’re simply looking for some time out from the pressures and stress of everyday life, a meditation class can help you find your inner peace.


Our meditation classes classes can last up to 60 minutes


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